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Maverick Speech & Debate students are focused on developing two things: character and confidence. With these skills we advocate for others, speaking up for the less fortunate and encouraging them to develop a voice of their own.
We're a passionate and competitive group of students from Wichita, Kansas that works hard to achieve great success with our club. But this success depends on the support of our friends, family, and community, so please consider providing that support today.
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  • Timeline 25

    Edco - $25 for Submitting NSDA Survey achieved

    Our team just earned $25 from Edco for submitting an NSDA survey!

  • Roland Rice donated "Congratulations Wes on another year sending your folks to Nationals! Go Mavs!" - via Wesley Rice
  • Lien Nguyen donated "Good luck! " - via Victor Nguyen
  • Kimberly Smith donated - via Joanna Erickson
  • Aircraft RVSM Services LLC donated "Good luck to everyone on the team. Go Mavs" - via Christian Higares
  • Paul O'Callaghan donated "Excellent work! Excited to see you represent!" - via Ariana O'Callaghan
  • Wendy Turnquist donated - via Ethan Cox
  • Judy Harder donated - via Samuel Harder
  • Scott Hill donated - via Kimiya Monfared
  • Cooper and Barbara Boehme donated "Good luck! " - via Ethan Cox
  • Annie Boehme donated "You'll have to tell me how it goes while I'm overseas. Pictures and all! " - via Ethan Cox
  • Edco donated
  • Tsuyoshi TUNG donated
  • Timeline 250

    $250 First Funds Power Grant™ achieved

    Our team just raised $250 with Edco and earned another $250 through the First Funds Power Grant™.

    Help us grab the next grant: $50 for 50 donors. Share this link with friends and family today. https://maize-south-high-school.ed.co/speech--debate

  • Norman and Janet L. Elliott donated "Congratulations April Taylor for qualifying for nationals. We are proud of you. Love, Grandpa and Grandma"
  • Derek Sorrells donated "Go get 'em!" - via Ariana O'Callaghan
  • “An anonymous donation was made "Sending thoughts and prayers for April to do well at Nationals!"
  • Paul O'Callaghan donated "Have a blessed day!" - via Ariana O'Callaghan
  • Tiffani Sorrells donated "Good luck!" - via Ariana O'Callaghan
  • Jean Richert donated "Good Luck to you! I am so proud of you! Love, Grammy" - via Ariana O'Callaghan
  • Edco donated "We’re so excited to help you fundraise this season that we’re chipping in the first $15! You got this! :) - Leslie from Edco"
  • Maize South High School has started online fundraising!

    Our team has officially started accepting credit card donations. We need awesome team members and donors like you to share this link and tell your community why you support Maize South High School Speech & Debate!


  • Wesley Rice is now a leader for the Maize South High School Speech & Debate

  • At 10:43 pm, the fundraising platform for Maize South High School was born.

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